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Saki Mafundikwa

Talk: Twenty Years of Running a Design School in Zimbabwe

Wednesday, March 15, 6 pm at ArtSpace

Talk: How Do We Pay Attention to What We’re Paying Attention To?

Thursday, March 30, 6 pm at ArtSpace

Workshop: Smell, Sight, & Memory: Paying Attention with the Senses

Saturday, April 1, 1030 am – 12 at The North Carolina Museum of Art

Workshop Description

How do we pay attention? And how do we pay attention to what we’re paying attention to? In this 3-hour workshop, we’ll explore the relationship between attention and tenderness, between scent and memory, between what is gifted and what is given. Participants will leave with a collection of visual experiments and a syllabus of resources for further reading and exploration.

Talk: Mining the Everyday

Thursday, April 13, 6 pm at ArtSpace

Workshop: Mining the Everyday

Saturday, April 15, 9 am – 12 at Poyner Y

Workshop Description

Creativity is founded on curiosity, and curiosity is a phenomenon of wonder activated by noticing. Yet, the simple task of directing our gaze is constantly hampered by distractions of external conditioning and internal perception. An artistic practice requires a profound ability to pay attention, but in a demanding life engulfed in the familiar, how do we exercise taking notice, seeing the ordinary and observing miniscule?

Framed around the notion of wandering without a destination the workshop challenges participants to seek and capture the unexpected and overlooked. The workshop will begin with a discussion of provided texts and visual examples of other artists who utilize the ordinary and unnoticed. We will then wander the city in order to collect the unimagined and the potential of the unheeded, meeting back as a group to share our collections and our thoughts on our passage through the familiar. The workshop will conclude with investigations into strategies of archiving, resulting in a visual record that Heid and Karl will complete and share with the participants in the weeks following the workshop. 

Stefani Bardin

Talk: Inside/Outside + Outside/Inside: Food, Design and Perception

Thursday, April 27, 6 pm at ArtSpace

Workshop: Flavor Tripping

Saturday, April 29, 10:30 am – 12 at The North Carolina Museum of Art

Workshop Description

We use all our five senses when we eat – but knowing how they work can up your game when you shop for, prepare, cook and eat food.  In this workshop we’ll learn how our senses engage with food through art, science, sound and nature – and take your tastebuds on a trip to a totally new dimension.

Bukola Koiki

Talk: On Motifs and Meaning

Thursday, May 11, 6 pm at ArtSpace

Workshop: On Motifs and Meaning

Saturday, May 13, 1030 am – 12 noon at The North Carolina Museum of Art

Workshop Description

For this workshop, we will briefly discuss the history of marks, signatures, sigils, and motifs across the world (including the symbolic content of various textile motifs) and their relationship to cultural or personal mythologies, sayings, and aphorisms Through short writing and timed drawing exercises, participants will be asked to try their hand at drawing a personal motif—a graphic shorthand for a personal history, belief, occupation, etc.

Akiko Busch

Talk: Invisible Ink: notes on why the ink we do not see is as essential to contemporary human expression as the ink we do see

Thursday, May 18, 6 pm at ArtSpace

Workshop: Invisible Ink

Saturday, May 20, 9 am – 12 noon at So & So Books

Workshop Description

The unspoken has always been crucial to human expression. Ernest Hemingway observed that “The dignity of movement of an iceberg is due to only one eighth of it being above water.” The novelist Shirley Hazard noted that “Speech—in literature as in life—can crucially suggest what is not said.” The value of the unsaid is not limited to literary expression. Its most eloquent expression in recent times may be found in the sheets of blank white paper used by dissidents in Russia to protest the invasion in Ukraine; and in China where such sheets are used to protest Covid lock-downs. The empty page points to the lack of free expression in those countries where protestors fear speaking out. One young student said that these sheets also convey the message that while the paper is blank, “people’s minds are not.” Such blank sheets say nothing and they say everything. And all of this has particular meaning in the era of TMI, an age of information and visual overload. This workshop will investigate the rhythm of absence and presence and the balance between the said and the unsaid, reassessing how these can collaborate for powerful human statements. What is revealed, what remains hidden are the choices artists and writers make. This will not be a writing exercise as much as one in how to say more with less. We will reassess blanks and look at erasure in printed work that allows participants to find ways in which distillation, redaction, and sometimes outright erasure can locate new meanings in narrative expression.

Erik Brandt

Talk: Ficciones Typografika

Thursday, June 8, 6 pm at Lump Gallery

Workshop: Ficciones Typografika

Saturday, June 10, 9-11 am at Lump Gallery

Workshop Description

Erik will lead an experimental workshop that people of all ages will enjoy. Using old fashioned Letraset and a simple scaled grid, participants will be guided through a series of formal studies that begin small but have large scale possibilities. The use of this once dominant medium allows for a reinterpretation of the possibilities of type and language, focusing on image building and formal investigation of time and space. All materials will be provided, and the hands on nature of the workshop promises much delight.

Admission: $25 (Workshop is limited to 12 participants – please Register below)

Don Crow

Talk: The Spaces Between Two Things

Thursday, June 22, 6 pm at Lump Gallery

Whitney Lowe

Talk:  Finding

Thursday, August 17, 6 pm at Contemporary Art Museum of Raleigh

William Deresiewicz


Thursday, August 31, 6 pm at The North Carolina Museum of Art

Kenseth Armstead


Thursday, September 7, 6 pm at The North Carolina Museum of Art


Saturday, September 10, Time and Location TBD

Jen Delos Reyes


Thursday, September 14, 6 pm at The North Carolina Museum of Art

Anders Ruhwald


Thursday September 28, 6pm at The North Carolina Museum of Art

Mary Mattingly


Thursday, October 12, 6pm at The North Carolina Museum of Art

Amy Whitaker


Thursday, October 26, 6pm at The North Carolina Museum of Art

Corey Pemberton


Thursday, November 9, 6 pm at ArtSpace



Luis Camnitzer




Thursday, December 7, 6 pm at Artspace


Saturday, December 9, 10 am – 12 noon at The North Carolina Museum of Art


Thursday, February 8, 6:00 at The North Carolina Museum of Art